Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

OJGirl2My tween daughter has discovered her “visage.”  While we are on spring break, I have noticed there isn’t a mirror my daughter doesn’t like. Her interest is not in a vain way, but in a curious way. I watch as unobtrusively as possible as she makes faces, wrinkles her nose, tries different versions of her smile, arches her eyebrows and checks out her profile. I chuckle to myself as I see her beginning to understand her features in comparison to me and to her friends. However, I take her interest in herself seriously because I want to instill a healthy sense of beauty.

We spend a great deal of time developing our daughters’ various talents be they academic, athletic or the arts.  But most  girls are not encouraged to enjoy their natural beauty.  Some parents fear their daughters may become vain or think it just isn’t that important.  I beg to differ. Encouraging her to have a healthy sense of beauty now will not only help to build confidence, but also it will help to give her a life-long healthy perspective on her beauty.

When you start to notice her enhanced relationship with mirrors, I recommend you take a few photos and casually look at them together.  Ask her what she likes about herself in the photo.  You may have to cajole her a bit, but it is worth the effort.  Listen carefully to how she describes herself or what she tells you about herself in the photos. Then offer your opinion highlighting her assets and addressing any negatives she may have shared with you.

The photo conversation opened up a whole lot of topics about healthy beauty for my daughter and me.  We talked about the shape of her face (heart) and some of her features (almond eyes).  Acknowledging her wide forehead, we had a fun time talking about great hairstyles she might want to try.

Start a healthy beauty conversation with your tween daughter.  Help her get comfortable with her features and her natural beauty.  Her approach to beauty standards, how she reacts to peer pressure about her looks, beauty products, and her sense of style all start with the young girl looking into the mirror.  Help her to love the person she sees looking back at her.

Deborah Hernan

Founder, Ottilie & Lulu


Valentine’s Day Hairdo: Luv Piggies

It is that time of the year again, the beautiful amazing Day of Love! Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day! This is a holiday that really is meant for girls, right? It’s the day when we females want our men to treat us like queens, whisking us off our feet to a very romantic evening and maybe even a well-thought out gift, etc.

Our little Classy Girls should be no different. Our daughters have boys who have crushes on them, and often these boys want to add “one more” candy heart in our Classy Girl’s Valentine’s Day card! Here is a very cute and simple heart hairstyle that can be used on any hair type and in many different styles. Family, teachers, other girls, and … yes… boys will notice this hairdo and will comment on them, helping build up our Classy Girl’s on this wonderful day! Enjoy!

For instructions and a video tutorial, please visit Luv Piggies.


Contributed by Hairdo Mom

The Face I Love So Much….


Whenever I look at my tween daughter’s face, I can’t help myself; I smile.  She is My Little Valentine.  I love the way she smiles;  I love the way she launches into explanations of things that she knows so much about;  I love when I can see her thinking;  I love when I see her totally engrossed in the task at hand.  Well, you get the idea because I know you feel the same way.

That’s why Ottilie & Lulu is featuring the perfect gift for your Classy Girl this Valentines’ Day.  Give Ottilie & Lulu Face Essentials,  (a $33.00 retail value), the perfect tween gift and get a 15% discount when you use the coupon code MLCGV (My Little Classy Girl Valentine).

I often look at my classy girl’s face and try to see how she will look when she is older.  I see her wide forehead, her crystal blue eyes, her peaches and cream skin, and her beautiful lips.  How can I help her to keep her natural beauty?

As most mothers do, I encourage my tween daughter in a good, daily hygiene regime.  I also talk to her about how important it is to take care of her skin. She cleanses twice a day with Ottilie & Lulu Clean Skin Face Wipes. She applies Everyday Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20 to keep her skin from becoming dry or chapped and to protect her from the sun. And, she carries her Sunshine Ball of Lip Balm with SPF 20 in her back pack for application whenever her lips feel dry.

This Valentines’ Day give your beautiful tween Classy Girl all she needs to keep her face naturally beautiful.  Give her Ottilie & Lulu Face Essentials .  This special gift set comes all wrapped in a delicate white organza bag tied with a red Valentines’ Day ribbon.

A life-long regime of caring for her beautiful face is the best Valentines’ Day gift you can give your Tween Classy Girl!

Contributed by:
Healthful mom, Deborah Hernan
Founder, Ottilie & Lulu

“It’s Never Too Early To Start Protecting A Girl’s Natural Beauty.”

Beautiful Faces


Over the holidays a lot of my daughter’s friends go away with their families.  But now that everyone is back at school, and everyone wants to ctach up, we are in full sleep over season.  Aside from the movies, the games, the pizzas, and the non-stop giggles, one of the many things I enjoy about these all-girl evenings is listening to my daughter and her friends discuss their “beauty secrets.”

It is amazing to hear how much they know from watching us. But what is needed is a bit more help in the execution of their beauty tips. For example, the girls all talk about the clear, beautiful skin they see on models on TV and in magazines, and they talk about needing teen acne washes or adult skin care products.  For these young girls, those products are really too harsh especially in cold, dry weather.

My classy girl is okay with me participating in these discussions because our product line, Ottilie & Lulu, is specially formulated for tweens, ages 7-14.  With the harsh weather conditions many girls talk about skipping washing their faces.  And most young girls don’t yet know the importance or benefits of using a facial moisturizer with sunscreen in the winter.  Now is the ideal time to encourage them to do both.  I discourage the use of soap, adult make up remover cloths or heavy, night time moisturizers.   

At our house the girls are offered Ottilie & Lulu Clean Skin Face Wipes at night before they go to bed.  The 100% cotton cloth is soft and the cleansing formula is very gentle.  In the morning, they are encouraged to repeat the cleansing process and to follow it with an application of Ottilie & Lulu Everyday Facial Moisture & Sunscreen SPF 20.  The quick dry, non-sticky formula gives the girls an instant smooth feel on their faces that they love.  All Ottilie & Lulu products are dermatologist, allergy, and clinically tested.  None of the formulas contain parabens, SLS, phthalates, mineral oil or petrolatum.

My classy girl and her friends love learning about how to take care of their skin with products made just for them.  Seeing them looking at their faces in the mirror–and liking what they see and feel makes us all feel happy.

Deborah Hernan, Founder, Ottilie & Lulu

“It’s Never Too Early To Start Prtoecting a Girl’s Natural Beauty.”

Brrrrr! Need Winter Hair Care Tips?


I do not know how it has been for you, but it is absolutely freezing here where I live and we have quite a bit of snow as well! There is something absolutely magical about the whiteness of the snow that simply draws our children to it. No matter if it is building a snowman, making snow angels, or sledding, etc… my children want to be out in the snow!

With that desire for them to be outside, I worry as a mom to make sure they are bundled up all snug and warm. We do not want our Classy Girls to catch a cold, or anything worse! That being said, how often are we concerned about our daughters’ hair?

I receive many emails asking my advice for how to care for girls hair during the winter months, and I have had a few tips that I have used over the years. After consulting with some friends as well, I have put together a list of Six Essential Winter Hair Care Tips to help you manage your Clasy Girl’s hair whenever she goes outside.

Enjoy, and feel free to leave your tips in the comment section here as well!

Contributed by MrsHairdo

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