Always Ready

snowandice01Yesterday my classy girl and I were walking through Central Park on our way home from her piano lesson. We have had so much snow, she is actually tired of sledding. Thank goodness because I’m exhausted! But as we walked she focused in on the many varieties of snow people decorating the park’s paths. In addition to the classic snowmen in various, colorful attire, there were snow bears (above) pigs, fairies, snow cats and dogs, and then we saw it.  “Mom, look, that snowman has boobies!”

Ah, yes she did.  Now as an urban parent, I- like most of you- am usually prepared for the many “interesting” sights and sounds we encounter on our journeys. But I admit this snow woman took me back. Perhaps it was because of her amazon-like features. She was at least 7 feet tall–and she was kneeling. She was also naked and, as my daughter said, she had a rather large butt. But her head, face, and hair were absolutely amazing. Someone had put an incredible amount of work into this sculpture. The face was almost Botticelli-like and the hair that cascaded down her ice shoulders was made of hundreds of tiny snowballs so that she appeared to have ringlets.  She was actually quite beautiful–out of place in the park–but beautiful.

We didn’t stop to admire the details.  But we did talk about her.  Fortunately, my daughter has seen some of the naked Botero sculptures so the conversation was easy.  I continued our pace so as to allow for the art conversation without greater scrutiny of the snow sculpture.  I also didn’t want to get too close just in case there were other surprises around or under the ice maiden.   Sorry, I did not take a photo to share.

As the day wore on, the weather warmed which inevitably brought more people out of their apartments. I am sure this particular snow sculpture caused a bit of consternation for a number of families in the park.  Some chuckles, too.  So if you happen to be near Central Park near the basketball courts, close to the Met, or anywhere there are ice sculptures, be ready.  Out there among the snow bears, snow pigs, and snowmen with corn cob pipes, there could be a Fellini-like sculpture that reminds us as parents to always be ready.

Healthful Mom, Deborah Hernan

Founder, Ottilie & Lulu

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